Acra has selected Stewart Valuation Intelligence as an approved AIR and FHA compliant AMC partner.
Stewart Valuation Intelligence is a National provider of FHA and conventional appraisal services.

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Stewart Valuation Intelligence

Fee Schedule

Single Family Residential Appraisal Report 465.00
Condominium Appraisal Report 465.00
Drive-By Appraisal Report/Form 2055 350.00
Two - Four Family Report/Form 1025 675.00
Field Review - SFR/Form 2000 395.00
Desk Review – Local appraiser 175.00
HUD compliance Inspection – Form 92051 150.00
Final Inspection Certification – Form 1004D 150.00
Property Inspection Report-Form 2075 175.00
Condition and Marketability Report-Form 2070 175.00
OIS - Form 216 & Rent Schedule 1007 185.00
Damage Assessment Report 50.00

National Flat Fee Pricing Matrix

National flat rate fee: The fees above are assuming standard location and property types. If, once the order is placed, it is discovered that the order is of complex/specialty nature, high value or an extreme rural location, Stewart Valuation Intelligence will notify you that the order is beyond standard and provide a fee quote before moving forward.
Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of $25 will be charged if the report is cancelled prior to inspection of the property. The full appraisal fee will be charged if the report is cancelled after the inspection is complete.